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Natalie Dormer at the People’s Ones to Watch event (x).

omg i’m never gonna pay off my student loans if natalie dormer hasn’t paid off her student loans

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"The Kapoor family is the oldest family of the Hindi film industry. For generations they have been connected and worked with films and theatre of India.With the arrival of Prithviraj Kapoor in Hindi cinema, began the Kapoor Dynasty which is into its fourth generation now and is still going strong. The legend and his three sons, Ranbir Raj Kapoor (Raj), Shamsher Raj Kapoor (Shammi) and Balbir Raj Kapoor(Shashi) have all been absolute charmers on screen. The Raj Kapoor legacy continued with Randhir (married to actress Babita), Rishi(married to actress Neetu Singh) and Rajeev Kapoor. Karishma and Kareena, daughters of Randhir Kapoor are the only two women from the Kapoor clan to have ventured into Bollywood. But the one on whose young shoulders, the Kapoor Legacy banks is the young man considered one of Bollywood’s finest contemporary actors - Ranbir Kapoor (named Ranbir Raj after his grand father).. - Zeenews

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oh hey my dash did one of those things

oh hey my dash did one of those things